Covid-19 Era: The Life and Work in Isolation. 

At the beginning of this very odd time in our lives, I adopted a rather different mindset than my friends and colleagues. I thought (and still think) that as long as we are not in a war zone, as long as we are safe in our homes with our families, it cannot be that bad. When not practicing the piano, teaching students online and maintaining my university teaching we spend time playing, cooking, learning new skills every day. When it comes to piano teaching – I used to think that teaching piano online was against my set of values. I always feel that without working with my students face-to-face, shaping their hands and arms, working with their fingers was my first priority. However, the Indiana governor declared the new “stay at home” orders I felt that teaching must continue. My students must maintain their practice and develop their artistry, and so – reluctantly I moved my entire studio to an online teaching schedule. I was a bit worried about this transition that actually turned out to be one of the best changes in my studio teaching career. The first change I saw in my students was the comfort they all feel at their own homes, their own pianos and their own atmosphere, in which they all seem much more relaxed and comfortable. For students who previously struggled this seems like a great change for the better. They are now able to comprehend new materials much easier. We’ve had great conversations! I have learned to get to know my students from a very informal perspective. We had a zoom gathering where each of the students performed for each other. It was so much fun!  I do not feel the isolation, and definitely would not describe this as a lonely period. We create communities within our cyber capabilities.